Consistency in providing quality products & services with innovation and global competitiveness.
To be globally known as one of the most efficient & effective manufacturer in the field of metal industry.
VALUES :    
We should always strive to be the best we can be. Demonstrate a passion for excellence in work by continuous training and improvement with a sense of urgency in doing the job with care, excellence and quality. We can only achieve these through teamwork with mutual trust and respect to everyone.
We are supplying our customers, products that provide the highest quality at a competitive price, always challenging the infinite possibilities in pursuing our dreams of creating innovative products.
SEC Registration : ASO92-07493
DTI Registration : 522183
DOLE Region IV : No. 233-05-14-03
BIR Registration : 002-033-225-VAT
SSS & HDMF Registration : 03-9045098-8
Phil. Health Ins. Corp. (PHIC) : 20-037530015-1
Mayor's Permit & License : 3519
Sanitary Permit : 2005-489
Fire Safety Certificate : 01-20-04
TESDA Accreditation : C-200407,Region IV
DENR-EMB : ECC-4A-2005-0344-3909
PDEA License Number : P3-1179N-103006-103007
Generator ID Number : GR - 04 - 21 - 0481
Waste Water Discharge permit : 2008-DP-CA-02-192
President & General Manager : Edgardo V. Araga
VP-Manufacturing : Edmund A. Araga
VP-Operations : Elvin A. Araga
VP-Finance & Accounting : Katherine A. Alcantara
Manager-Operations : Carlito E. Velasco
Manager-Production : Robuster E. Escuadro
Manager-MSD & Purchasing : Federico L. Brace
Manager-Quality Control : Sheryl I. Bautista
Manager-Equipment Maintenance : Edwin L. Brace
Manager-Welding : Vicente Azores
Human Resource Officer : Rebecca Conwi
TESDA Accredited-Equipment Operator
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (MVPMAP)
Motorcycle Parts Procedures & Exporters Association (McPPEA)
Isuzu Suppliers Association (ISA)
Philippine Die & Mold Association (PDMA)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Metalworking Industries Association of the Phils. Inc.(MIAP)
• Metal Products Fabrications
• Metal Parts Stamping
• Tooling Design & Fabrication
• Jigs and Fixtures Fabrication
• Electro Static Powder Coating
• Electro Zinc Plating
• Special Machine Design & Fabrication
• Hydraulic Shearing
• General Steel & Special Projects Fabrication
• Tool & Die
• Hydraulic Shear Cutter
• Mechanical & Hydraulic Press
• Pipe & Bar Cutter
• Machine Shop
• Welding Facilities
• Buffing & Grinding Facilities
• Metal Treatment Preparation Set-up
• Powder Coating Set-up
Electro Zinc Plating Set-up
• Swaging Machine
• Waste Water Treatment
• Salt Spray Test
Our Objective :    
K.E.A Industrial Corporation objective is to look ahead for a new technology that science can bring to people. With this outlook, the company is doing to adopt itself with these modern technologies, through modern approach in business for global competitiveness. It aims to be the best metal fabrication industry that provides high quality products and prompt services to meet the challenges fo the changing times towards the new millennium.

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